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"Let us not contain peace within our souls;
Let it blossom out creatively"

CPBR provides us with the space and motivation:

As part of this process we need to 'refresh' how peace is perceived. A vibrant image of peace, energetic, colorful and attractive will galvanize individuals for action. We also need to convey that peace is a demanding process, based on people's needs, commitment, self-confidence and strong connections throughout society from grassroots to political leadership.

What we believe...
The process of change involves a gradual altering of opinions, eroding of old barriers, and building of new structures in individuals as well as in society. We strongly feel that this process requires compassion, justice and equal respect for diversity, going hand in hand with the development of empowered communities. The starting point should be the individual promoting personnel transformation through self discovery; then focusing on communities in the broadest sense: building trust and relationships, creating space to identify and convey needs and demand for a negotiated political solution for the decades old ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

What we want...
We need constructive interactions, inspired by non violence between civil society, institutional actors and the political leadership of the government, and other main stake holders of the conflict. We need to go beyond, by strategically involving and networking other key stakeholders as the religious and academic community, youth, grassroots communities as well as the international community, and collaborating among all those aiming for sustainable peace. Peace is not uniquely a political solution: people's participation and engagement will be an essential driver for its sustainability.

What we do...

We are working towards increasing non-violent conflict transformation skills and capacities of opinion makers in middle and grassroots level to promote community peace building, harnessing ground level support for a negotiated political solution for the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

Who we are... 

Some people look at the challenges to peace and other social problems and think that the issues are too large to tackle. They try to ignore the issues and focus on taking care of themselves. Others commit themselves to transforming these issues, even though they may feel overwhelmed - CPBR is made up of these people.

Go to the people;
Live among them; Start from where they are;
Work with them;
Build on what they have;
But of the best leaders,
When the task is accomplished,
The work completed,
The people all remark;
"We have done it ourselves."
 - Lao Tsu -
How we can make
a difference…
In order to achieve the change we are envisioning; a transformation of the causes that have led to the conflict is necessary.

CPBR believes that it is through the empowerment of communities, especially
grassroots communities, social obilization and adoption of conflict transformation tools, that sustainable peace will be achieved.-

Our long-term aim is for the establishment of a National Peace Foundation which will assume the moral leadership for the mobilization of a movement for peace and
justice in Sri Lanka.

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